Russians Make Cows Wear VR Glasses to Increase Milk Production

Have you ever seen any animal roaming around with VR goggles? You can in RusMoloko dairy farm where cows wear specially designed VR headsets for improved milk productivity.

The glasses offer sun-filled views of green grazing fields to help the cows relax which has a direct link to a cow’s milk-producing ability.


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Experts in the field of technology and dairy farming have worked together to find a solution to the issue of milk production. They came up with perfect-fit VR goggles as a solution to offer a calming atmosphere in addition to fulfilling the cows’ physical needs.

The summer field views were designed keeping in view cows’ response to different tones of colors and resultantly, the cows displayed signs of improvement in their general mood and decreased anxiety.


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More studies are undergoing to study the impact of VR goggles in terms of milk productivity however, the chances are significant that we will see more cows running around these headsets as on movie sets.

Via Interesting Engineering

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