Floating Solar Power Systems to be Installed at Water Reservoirs

Given the rapid pace at which Pakistan’s water reserves are diminishing, the country must undertake floating solar projects which would not only conserve water resources but also generate cheap electricity, said the minister for Power and Petroleum, Omar Ayub Khan.

While addressing a seminar on the country’s water crisis, Omar Ayub said that floating solar power system projects would be planted at four reservoirs of Tarbela, Mangla, Ghazi Barotha, and Khanpur.

According to Omar Ayub, new hydropower projects of 18-20 GW will account for 70% of the total electric power of the country. These projects will also provide opportunities for FPV projects.

Omar said:

Not just the flood irrigation system we have been used to. The world has moved on. We have to make sure that this resource is jealously guarded and used. We are already finalizing plans with floating solar.

Moreover, discussions are well underway with Punjab’s energy minister to plant floating solar power system projects on the province’s canals. The irrigation system of Punjab would also run on solar power. In Balochistan, 29,000 tube wells will be converted to solar power.

Floating solar power systems generate cheap electricity and conserve water by reducing evaporation.

Under the new renewable energy policy, costs for planting solar power projects will come down significantly as it encourages competitive bidding for new power projects.

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