WhatsApp is Getting a Call Waiting Feature Soon

In a recent update, the popular instant messaging app WhatsApp received a call waiting feature on popular public demand.

If you are a regular WhatsApp user, you would know, the application automatically rejects a new call in case the user is already busy on another call. Many users were looking for options to either put the call on hold or disconnect the previous call and attend the new call.

With the new update, the feature is being rolled out globally. Unfortunately, we are still not getting the option to put a call on hold but users will be notified or alerted with a tone in case they get a call during another call.

The new feature either allows you to disconnect the previous call and attend the new call or you can disconnect the new call directly. Either way, keeping a caller on hold or waiting is not an option.

The update is staged; hence, it will be a few weeks before it is rolled out globally. The feature will be installed with the recent WhatsApp version 2.19.352. It is also available on the beta version 2.19.357 and version 2.19.358. As for iOS users, it was rolled out last week with the WhatsApp v2.19.120 update.

Apart from this, the new update will also feature better group privacy settings. After the update, users will be able to choose a list of people from their contacts who can add them to WhatsApp groups. Other contacts will not be able to add you to groups.

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