EOBI Pensioners to Get a 30% Raise from 1st Jan 2020

New year is heralding big news for the pensioners of Employees’ Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) as the government has decided to raise their pension amount by 30 percent.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development Sayed Zulfikar Abbas Bukhari has announced that the EOBI pensioners will get Rs 8,500 per month from January, 1 of next year.

He shared this development while addressing the ‘Ciniplex and Commercial Complex’ inauguration ceremony.
He said that the PTI government is increasing the pension amount for the second time in its one and half year tenure.

Zulfikar Bukhari added that the institution had already enhanced the minimum pension of EOBI’s insured person from Rs 5,250 to Rs 6,500 during 2018.

The EOBI pension has been enhanced by 62 percent since Prime Minister Imran Khan took the helm and we are intending to raise this amount up to Rs 15,000 by the end of our tenure (2023).

Around 65.1 million formal and informal labor is working in Pakistan’s different sectors. However, only 8.1 million formal labarours, out of 15 million, are registered with EOBI.

The SAPM said that the ministry had managed to rescue EOBI mega projects within its first year in power and revived two of them this year including OEC Tower and ‘Ciniplex and Commercial Complex’.

He added that over 20 projects worth billions of rupees were idle when PTI took over. This had caused heavy losses to the national exchequer.

However, those projects are being revived and would generate billions of rupees, eventually helping the government in raising the pension amount up to Rs 15,000.

The inclusion of informal labor in EOBI’s net is also part of government policy. The digitization of EOBI is in process as well and would help bring transparency in its affairs.

He said that the previous regimes had destroyed the institution by appointing their blue-eyed friends who looted public money extensively.

He said that the ministry is working out on different reforms to resolve devolution issues confronting the institution and has sped up efforts to save one of the biggest funds of the country from depletion.

  • good news but most of people working as labour are not aware of eobi. They must be registered.

  • Its an appreciable development from this government. EOBI pensioners are badly deserving considerable rise in their monthly pensions

  • The stupid people don’t know that government is not doing any favor, rather EOBI rates are directly connected with the Interest rates. The higher interest rates dictate higher EOBI pensions.
    If Interest rates will go down then EOBI pension will go down as well.

  • Very fine action
    But also must reduce the period for pension inauguration 60_to_50years of life
    By this ways more vacancies will declared.

  • Greatest Thanks of
    Syed zulfikar Abbas bukhari for caring aged pensioners of eobi we appreciate your efforts sympathise hope to achieve the minimum target of 15000. We request to increase the eobi pension in annual budget as others pensioners.
    Also request to facilitate the social security hospitals free medical treatment hospitalizations for eobi pensioners. We are already highly thakful of your honour bukhari sahib & PM Imran Khan too in this regard.
    Malik Saeed Lahore

  • Not wonderful,because employees did not reached the15years of contributions. So this long period is not suitable for any poor employees.Maximum period 5years for eligible for eobi pension.90%workers donot complete their minimum tenure.

  • Really a good step taken by PTI Government towords EOBI Pensioners which was not considered by the previous govt of PPP and PML. We expect that according to other pensioners of federal government, the EOBI pensioners will get the similar increase in their pensions. We pray for the PTI Government.

  • Its a very Good news that EOBI pensioners will get Rs 8,500/- per month from Jan-2020. But sory to say that notification regarding increse in pension has not yet issued to the departent


  • Financial statement of EOBI from 2011 to 2020 must be uploaded & reduction in strength of staff & their benefit also as they are main hardle in way of benefit of owner EOBI & employees has not looted the funds also damage the cause of benefit to EOBI pensnioners. They get cash individually in our presence & damage the cause EOBI. Only family of EOBI pensioners recruited no ex-army personnel inducted into EOBI they are damaging our benefit from Sh Barkat Ullah, Brig R Khurshid Wahid & his daughter moham & no ex-army official allow as they are getting 3 to 5 pension at a time which is totally ilegal & damage the shares of other citizen of Pakistan.

  • Yes we are hearing this news since Dec that pension is raised fromPKR 6500 to 8500 but pensioners are not getting this raise they are receiving the old 6500Rs. This is my appeal to the officials that please get this announcement to be notified to the concerned department if it is not notified because it is really heart breaking for the old citizen if they are not getting the amount of 8500 rupees as it is rummoring anywhere and they are listening from everybody about the raise but still they are not getting that please don’t play with the emotions of the old citizens. Get it notified as early as possible so the old citizens also get benifited though, this is not such a big raise but still a hope for most of the citizens these raise is a big hope.

  • why still not is implemented increase from 6500 to 8500 it was expected jan 2020, but now on feb still not increased

  • Good decision , but people are waiting when they will receive increased pension of 8500 effective jan 1,2020.

  • It is very sad that a prime minister of country tell a joke to old citizen. it’s very bad. Is its madni riasat.?????

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