Hasan Ali Responds to Indian News Website’s Claim That He Faked His Injury

Pakistani fast bowler, Hasan Ali, has taken to Twitter to respond to a Hindi news website which claimed that the pacer has been faking rib injury to take time off from cricket after his marriage.

The website, News State, published an article titled ‘Video: Fans of Hasan Ali who was out of the team after making a false excuse for breaking the rib, know what is the whole reason’. The outlet shared Hasan’s video of a ramp walk which had sparked some debate on social media.


Hasan Ali Suffers Rib Injury After Recovering From Back Injury

The ramp walk at a fashion show earlier this week can be seen below:

Here’s the tweet by News State:

English translation of the tweet reads:

Seeing Hasan Ali on the ramp, it is not as if his ribs are broken. So Pakistan’s cricket fans are now in doubt that Hasan Ali is out of the team by making a false excuse for breaking the rib.

The 25-year-old cricketer thought fit to reply to the foolish claims in Hindi. Here’s what he said:

It translates to this:

For your information, let me say that I have recovered 60-70%. My fans are enough to worry about me, so you don’t need to … thanks.

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