Apple Takes Over Two-Thirds of the Whole Smartphone Industry’s Profits: CR

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According to a recent report by Counterpoint Research, a global research firm specializing in mobile & technology products in the TMT industry, Apple is taking home 66% of the total industry profits in Q3 2019, even though the company has only generated 32 percent of all Smartphone revenues in the said quarter.


The Cupertino is earning massive profits from each device despite the fact that overall global handset profits declined by 11 percent in Q3 owing to the increased number of mixed mid-tier products. If we look at the top 10 OEMs globally, only Samsung and Huawei were able to increase their revenue.

One of the reasons Apple is still operating at an increasing profit is because of the loyal consumer base in major markets around the globe such as Japan, the USA, and the EU. Keep in mind, the above-mentioned numbers are before adding the profits from the pivotal holiday season.

Last year, thanks to the holiday season sales, Apple took about 80 percent of the profit share in the market. Since this year’s iPhone lineup is providing similar traction, there will most probably be similar results.

Via Counterpoint Research

As far as other OEMs are concerned, Samsung stands in second place taking 17 percent of the profits, mainly due to the increased sales of the Galaxy A and Note10 series.

Other than this, the Chinese OEMs including Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi are at a comparatively lower profit margin but better than the previous years.

  • Seems good reason to go for Xiaomi. Low margins, passing on highest value to customers. Apple seems massively ripping off consumers pockets

  • iOS has edge over Android because its more secure otherwise there’s not much difference that can make Apple stand higher than others.

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