We Can Give Musharraf Fast Track Citizenship: BJP Leader

Former President, General (R) Pervez Musharraf’s death sentence has drawn plenty of attention, not just from within the country, but from India as well.

A special court sentenced the ailing retired General to death in a high treason case earlier this week. Indian ruling party, Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), leader had something very interesting to say. Taking to Twitter, the fascist party’s leader offered Musharaf fast-track Indian citizenship to avoid persecution in Pakistan.

He claimed that since Pervez Musharraf is a self-acknowledged Hindu descendant, he can be offered Indian citizenship under the new law.

India’s new Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) has drawn plenty of criticism, resulting in widespread protests throughout the country, especially by the Muslims, who believe the bill is discriminatory.

On the other hand, the verdict of Musharraf’s death sentence has also created chaos, dividing the nation into two segments; those who are labeling Musharraf a traitor and those who consider him a hero.

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Feature Writer

  • Indians… It’s totally ironical… You want to give us citizenship…??
    Musharaf gave, your looser army, citizenship of Hell in Kargil.
    Now Kalbhoshan is begging for Pakistani citizenship.

  • I consider him a Hero, the one and only reason is Kargil. Should there be no entity like Nawaz Shareef at that time, Kashmir would be an independent country.

  • He is Conquerer of Kargil “Fateh Kargil”. Wait for a few years. You will be begging for citizenship of tiny Hindu state “Hindustan”.

  • Altaf Hu*sain, Zia Ul Haq and P*ervez M*usharraf are birds of same feather. Hindu descendants, Hindu mindset, gave colossal losses to Pakistan.

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