PTA to Deploy Automated System to Monitor Telcos’ Quality of Service

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has planned to procure automated quality of service (QoS) monitoring and benchmarking tool for mobile phone operators, we have learned through sources.

According to details available with ProPakistani, after procuring this new system, PTA will be able to monitor the quality of service for data and voice telephony offered by cellular mobile operators in real time.

Documents available with ProPakistani revealed that this new proposed monitoring system will be able to evaluate the quality of service for audio and videos services, including live streaming as well as social media and Over-The-Top (OTT) communication services.

According to the official documents, the automated system will also be able to test and benchmark QoS for all four cellular mobile operators in parallel, for a specific location. 

Moreover, this new system will have capacity to test various networks (2G, 3G and 4G) simultaneously. Additionally, as mentioned above, the system will have capabilities to test and benchmark various apps and services by reproducing end user experience for different networks.

The system will have data collection and data analysis (post processing) modules and related services to benchmark voice, SMS and data QoS KPIs for at least five operators simultaneously and will have the capability to expand to include more operators, if required.

The proposed system will have capability of being upgradable to next generation of mobile networks, such as 5G.

The equipment will be capable of benchmarking multiple scenarios of Voice, SMS and Data services of least five networks simultaneously and continuously.

It will support Application based testing like, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Netflix etc and will provide flexibility to support multiple device types of multiple vendors including but not limited to smart phones, modems and minicards etc.

  • it written “proposed system ” practically it impossible for PTA to do it already they are deploying monitoring internet traffic for which industry is paying very huge amount .

  • hamare area me 4g 3g bas sirf 2g se he behtar hain baki 4g ki jo quality honi chahiye wo inke bas ki bat nahi

  • The Char G network available through out Pakistan on the 3G spectrum band named, sold/marketed as CharG. Whereas the same PTCL is reluctant to provide FTTH network in certain important locations for years. The FTTH network is recommended by ITU, Geneva under the UN SDG Government of Pakistan. The CCP authority must be knowing what the 4G means obviously the remuneration of 5G is employed. Best wishes PTCL 4G networks, Best would you be able. Best regards, Haroon Rashid

  • my question would be that Why PTA doesnt upgrade their existing system for lesser a fee than procurring new. It is if in the past they procurement wrongly used it for 10 years and now new team realises it coming from Corps of signals that need new whereas at SCO they use the same NEMO (Finland) equipment. By thebway same Member Technical PTA was part of earlier purchase and thisntime since appointment he has initiated it again!!!

    Are they gonna favor chinese Dingli or Military biggest supplier Rhode n schwarz (Swiss/German) or French Infovista (TEMs)?

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