Naseem Shah Overtakes Amir as the Youngest Fast Bowler to Take a Five-For

Teenage prodigy Naseem Shah has made history after taking two wickets on the final day of the historic Test match at Karachi. The 16-year-old completed his maiden five-wicket haul at the age of only 16 to become the youngest fast bowler to achieve the feat in Test cricket.

Surprisingly, the overall record belongs to his namesake from Pakistan, Nasim-ul-Ghani, a spinner who did it when he was only a few days younger than Shah. He made the record against the West Indies in 1958.


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Naseem Shah is currently 16 years 311 days old whereas Nasim-ul-Ghani made the record when he was 16 years 303 days. The third one on the list is also a Pakistani, Mohammad Amir, who did it against Australia in Melbourne at the age of 17 years and 257 days.

Here are the top 5:

Player Age Bowl Team Opposition Ground Match Date
Nasim-ul-Ghani 16y 303d 5/116 Pakistan West Indies Georgetown 13 Mar 1958
Naseem Shah 16y 311d 5/31 Pakistan Sri Lanka Karachi 23 Dec 2019
Mohammad Amir 17y 257d 5/79 Pakistan Australia Melbourne 26 Dec 2009
Nayeem Hasan 17y 355d 5/61 Bangladesh West Indies Chattogram 22 Nov 2018
Enamul Haque jnr 18y 32d 6/45 Bangladesh Zimbabwe Chattogram 6 Jan 2005

Naseem Shah’s record has now pushed Wasim Akram, who was earlier listed at 10th, out of the top 10 youngest bowlers to take a five-for in Tests. Shahid Afridi’s name is also on the list.

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  • So I’m confused… was he the youngest or not? You say he was the youngest, and then this other guy was younger?? Was the 1958 game not a test match?

    • He has become the youngest FAST bowler to claim a five-for, whereas Nasim-ul-Ghani, the overall record holder, was a SPINNER.

  • It was a Test, as all things in life are a test. It wasn’t a test match though…it was a game. Pakistanis click bait is not click bait, it is like real bait but it’s not test bait…more like a lure. Not allure but still afraid was not as young as Shah, well he was when he was younger but not at the same time.

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