Sony’s Next Smartphone May Have a Punch-Hole Camera

Sony’s Smartphones have steered clear of display design trends for years, keeping conventional bezels on its screens while ignoring the controversial notches and punch holes. Regardless of how well-received it was among fans, it appears that Sony is soon going to ditch the classical bezels for a punch-hole cutout.

A recently surfaced patent at the WIPO Global Design Database shows a Sony Xperia device with the company’s signature 21:9 aspect ratio, but with a punch-hole selfie camera.

The rendered image for the patent comes courtesy of LetsGoDigital. It shows an anonymous Sony Xperia device, which, much like the Galaxy Note 10, features razor-thin top and side bezels with curved edges and a centered punch-hole camera. Luckily, the cutout is aligned conveniently with the notification bar, somewhere it will not hinder any on-screen content.

Successor devices for Xperia 1, 5, and 10 are expected early next year and this mysterious punch-hole carrying phone could be any of them. It is unclear which it is going to be since Sony’s naming scheme never quite aligned with release dates, specifications or any other sensible order.

Speaking of release date, the mysterious Xperia device is expected to show up at the MWC 2020 event in February.

On the contrary, the device might actually never see the light of the day since it has only appeared in a patent and Sony hasn’t revealed anything official as of yet.

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