Big 3 to Start an Annual ODI Tournament With India, Australia & England as Hosts

After miserably failing to make a block of the three most powerful cricket boards, i.e. the Big 3; India, Australia, and England, are now considering to start an annual 4-nation ODI series.

According to the reports, the tournament featuring one more top team will start in 2021 and will be held alternatively in these three countries. The tournament is being labeled as Super Series and BCCI Chief, Sourav Ganguly, has confirmed that the first edition will be held in India.



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Australia, England, India, and another top team will feature in the Super Series, which begins in 2021, and the first edition of the tournament will be played in India.

The England Cricket Board (ECB) has also confirmed the development, however, its media statement said that it will be discussing the matter with other cricket boards as well to gauge the idea’s feasibility.

A four-nation tournament was raised at a meeting with the BCCI in December and we are open to discussions with other ICC members to see if this concept can develop.

Whether the plan goes through or not is yet unclear, however, the intended tournament is getting a mixed response from the cricketing experts.


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Some are of the view that the former Big 3 members are once again trying to isolate other boards, whereas some believe that it will be a highly competitive tournament considering India, Australia and England are among the top limited-overs teams today.

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