PFA Confiscates 12,000 KG of Substandard Chocolate in Lahore

Punjab Food Authority has discovered 12,000 kg of substandard chocolates and snacks from a factory located at Kasur Road, Lahore.

According to the Director-General PFA Irfan Memon, the factory was raided after numerous complaints against its products for not having an expiry date.

During the raid, PFA officials found that the factory administration had stored chocolates and snacks in an open container. The low-quality material has been confiscated and will be discarded as per PFA guidelines, said DG PFA.

Irfan Memon said that under the Punjab Food Authority Act, food business operators (FBO) are required to get rid of any edibles that have passed their expiry date. Any FBO failing to observe the guidelines will be dealt with according to the law.

Comprehensive guidelines for FBOs are available on PFA’s website. Manufacturers must abide by these guidelines to ensure edibles are produced according to the hygiene principles in the law.

Via: Dawn

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