This Flight “Time Travelled” Back to 2019

Time travel both in the past and future has been a popular topic in science fiction movies, but in reality, it is still a far cry.

However, passengers of a Los Angeles-bound flight from Japan witnessed it first hand when they traveled back in 2019 on the New Year’s Day.

Flighttrader24 shared this epic incident on its official Twitter handle.

As per details, the flight NH-106 flew from Tokyo just after midnight when the date changed to first January 2020 and landed in Los Angeles (US) at 05:00 pm on the last day of 2019.

This happened due to the time difference as both countries lie on different continents and their time zones are 17-hours apart.

This is how the passengers flying on the first night of New Year from Japan, landed back in 2019 in the US, getting a chance to enjoy the New Year celebrations for the second time.

  • the award of lamest and stupidest piece of information/article of 2019/2020 goes to this piece and the chawal writer.

  • Theoretically time travel is possible but to do that you have travel with speed of light.The concept is shown in The Flash tv show as well.

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