Honda Increases Price of Its Cars by Upto Rs. 100,000

Honda Atlas Pakistan has increased its car prices by up to Rs. 100,000. This is the first price hike by Honda in 2020 and will come into effect from Thursday, January 16th, an official notification said on Tuesday.

As per the notification, circulated to all registered franchises, the Japanese automaker has raised the prices on all its cars without mentioning any particular reason.

The leading automobile company has also introduced offers on selected car models.


Here is How Much Honda Increased Car Prices in 2019

As per the notice, all the variants of Honda City will get Rs. 20,000 costlier, while the price of Honda Civic Turbo RS will go up by Rs. 80,000.

Models Current Prices New Prices Increase
Civic Turbo RS 4,399,000 4,479,000 80,000
1.8l VTI SR CVT 3,749,000 3,779,000 30,000
1.8L VTI CVT 3,449,000 3,549,000 50,000
1.3L MT 2,309,000 2,329,000 20,000
1.3L AT 2,489,000 2,509,000 20,000
1.5L MT 2,369,000 2,389,000 20,0002
1.5L AT 2,539,000 2,559,000 20,000
1.5L Aspire MT 2,539,000 2,559,000 20,000
1.5L Aspire AT 2,699,000 2,719,000 20,000
BR-V MT 2,899,000 2,999,000 100,000
BR-V CVT 3,99,000 3,149,000 50,000
BR-V S CVT 3,249,000 3,299,000 50,000


Similarly, the prices of Civic 1.8L I-VTEC CVT and CVT Oriel variants will increase by Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 30,000, respectively, after January 16.

Moreover, the prices of Honda BR-V (automatic variant) were revised by Rs. 50,000, whereas its manual version will get Rs. 100,000 more expensive in the local market.


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As the new prices will get into effect next week, any bookings before January 15 will be made in the old rate if the deposited instrument is done within the deadline.

It also mentioned that the existing back-orders, as of January 7, 2020, will be delivered on the old price if only the full payment is made by the end of this month.

  • They have started to mount mercedez logo instead of Honda on radiator grill that’s the reason they have increased 100,000

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