DC Islamabad Takes To Twitter After Constant Criticism by People

Public administration might look like a dream job for many of us, but it has its downsides as pointed out by Deputy Commissioner Islamabad, Hamza Shafqaat, from his experiences.

Talking about the public administration landscape in Pakistan, he said:

Public Administration is increasingly becoming complicated. The western world is offering post doctorate in this field. Every policy has its pitfalls which makes it even more difficult to implement. But it remains paradoxical and funny in Pakistan.

A few days earlier, the civil servant took to Twitter to share his grievances with the general public considering how they are never happy.

Terming these as paradoxical demands from the public and the reaction after he had got the work done. Starting off the anti-encroachment drive, he said that despite clearing 15,000 kanals of land, his action somehow led to the destruction of the economy in the city.

With climate change taking its toll, the administration started a tree plantation drive without any additional funds from the government. People called it a show-off. Plastic bags were banned, the masses called it an action against the poor.

The shelter home initiative was met with criticism as well, saying Islamabad – a city of the rich- doesn’t need these.

The same was the response for facilitation centers in rural areas.

The administration came down hard on businesses that were selling items expensive than the approved rates. People complained that imposing such fines was destroying businesses.

The funniest response to one of his team’s initiatives, the Durust Daam app, was this:

The public also labeled him as ‘Twitter ka DC’ for his efforts to ensure transparency.

He was called ‘conservative and dictatorial’ for ensuring sheesha-free boys hostels and ‘ruthless’ for collecting more taxes for the national exchequer.

Despite all the negativity, DC Islamabad is committed more than ever to deliver.

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  • The office of DC has been maligned by everyone and his cousin. When an idealistic young officer takes steps for improving service delivery he’s bad mouthed by vested interests including some of his colleagues who want to replace him. Let’s be fair. All the initiatives are good ones. Help this man instead of criticising.

  • DC ISLAMABAD is one of the best Civil Servants, the community has ever seen. His steps are advance, new and logical. His complains about public behaviour are very well placed because we as a nation are committed to complain about each and everything. Its our civic duty to criticize whatever is being done without properly thinking or analysing. Pity the day when we’ll use our mind and will realize that oh, world is ending now.

  • Very well done by DC Islamabad Is. Plz keep it up .Listen to none but ur conscience only .Allah shall bless u.

    • A position created by British, their training syllabus is to produce people with a mindset as if they are rulers. Yes listen to none coz he is viceroy of Islamabad right?

      No public servant is allowed to go in public and mock them in rest of the world, how dare he?
      In fact this isn’t DC job even, this should be handled by municipality.

  • I am not surprised to listen all this twitter remarks from an officer of CSS. I have seen a good amount of CSS officers, wasting public organizations. Almost all Government organizations, you name it, accounts, sectretariat post office , foreign office, police officers, forestry and district management etc collectors, all these have failed miserably. No government office has performed as it used to be in 50s and 60s.
    Who is to blame?The only question is whats the fun in this CSS mechanism, when we see all Government organizations failed completely. Why not to select top people from the public and finish this CSS system that has failed to perform. Why to have it?

    • Could u plz elaborate further, how to select people from public? Through some exam? Nd give it some name.. correct? So u end up just renaming CSS

      • What qualities the current CSS exam check in a candidate?:

        His Honesty?
        Desire to rule or serve the public?

        Aren’t our current CSS training programs producing local viceroys? They want this career as almost all of them are power hungry. They either have CSS officers in their families (so called bureaucratic elite class of Pakistan) or want to join the club.

        All the jobs this public servant is mentioning should be handled by municipality. His role (if his position still exists) should be limited to district coordination only.

    • Absolutely correct. Only power hungry people (even families) chose this career path otherwise it doesn’t offer anything in monetary terms. They want to rule the public, do a psychological test of a CSS candidate and you will get to know why he/she wants this career.

    • I’d like to clear one point here please. People who clear css are not just random people from the streets. They are the top ones. Excelling in this exam and then passing the interview is not a child’s play. They’ve worked hard to become who they are and no one can deny this.

  • very true said. Public destroys the system their self by not letting beaurucracy to take action to correct the situation..

  • Sir you are really doing a great job . May GOD bless pakistan ang GOD bless you .

  • Keep your foot down DC sb! and don’t get carried away by comments from vested interests , carry on with your drive it will yield dividends in the long run..Insha Allah

  • Youre doing just fine. Keep it up!
    Facing a million haters doesn’t mean there’s no one to appreciate your efforts. Focus on the good rather than the bad.
    What you’re doing is your duty. Fulfill your duty instead of focusing on what people say.

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