PM Khan Orders MOITT to Establish a 40-acre Software City in Islamabad

Prime Minister Imran Khan has reportedly given a green signal for establishing a 40-acre software city in Islamabad in an attempt to take Pakistan’s IT exports to $10 billion.

On Friday, PM Khan held a meeting with high ranking officials from the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MOITT) to explore ways to strengthen the IT sector of Pakistan.

During the meeting, PM Khan took some key decisions that would help increase IT exports in the long run.

The most significant outcome of the meeting is the establishment of a software city stretching over 40 acres in Islamabad. Tech companies and startups will be accorded with state of the art facilities at the new software city.

Moreover, the federal government will soon introduce a relief package for small scale software exporters to assist them in growing further.

PM Khan has ordered MOITT to abolish the double tax imposed on software exporters by both federal and provincial governments. Small scale software exporters will also be provided foreign currency at a rate lesser than the market rate.

The meeting also agreed to digitally connect all HEC recognized universities in Rawalpindi and Islamabad to facilitate the students. These universities will also be required to buy software developed in Pakistan to boost the local industry.

PM Khan has also directed MOITT to digitally connect distant cities with the rest of the country using telephone towers on a priority basis.

  • Planning is the first step towards accomplishment. Thorough planning means less deviation from the deadlines and the time lines…. Try to think high Mr. Akhtar and Mr. Islam… beyond to urself for the country n for the nation….
    Geo Imran Khan….thumbs up… May Allah SWT make u successful in ur ambitions to create Riasat e Madina… Aameen

  • Kindly please open them in places where people are generally jobless like Quetta, DIK, Hub, Hyderabad, or Sukkur. As for Punjab, they already have a good scene in terms of software houses and jobs, but Quetta and Sukkur have so many qualified people but little to no opportunities are presented to them.

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