Pakistan Becomes The First Country to Get Android 10 for Redmi Note 8 Pro

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 8 phones have been one of the company’s highlighting devices for 2019. These phones offer high-end specifications including UFS 2.1, a 64MP quad-camera setup, a large battery with fast charging, and much more for an incredibly affordable price tag.

They have been running the latest version of Xiaomi’s MIUI skin for a while now, but with the long outdated Android Pie. This is about to change soon as the global variants for the Redmi Note 8 devices are about to get their official Android 10 updates. The rollout will start with Pakistan and will soon make its way to the rest of the world.

This was confirmed through screenshots that reveal that the update is hitting devices around Pakistan first.

Redmi Note 8 Pro Android 10 update

The patch v. is 1.9GB in size and it also brings the security patch for February 2020 that includes increased overall system security and a localized payment security system for India.

However, a strange factor about this build is that it says “EU”, which implies that it is an update meant for European devices but is rolling out to Pakistan instead. The update also includes the payment security system for India, which is something that should’ve been released with an Indian ROM coded as “IN” instead of “EU”.

Regardless, it is a much welcome update that fans around the world will appreciate.

  • The update is not there yet, can you olease confirm the date this announcement was made?

  • Havent received the update yet on my phone … i hope i do in coming days if its been released..!!

  • Stop spreading unconfirmed news. This update is not for Redmi Note 8 Pro bought in Pakistan. It is for Europe and they are already complaining about it — fingerprint sensor is not working with this update in Europe. The update has a tag QGGEUXM. QGG signifies Android 10, EU for Europe and XM is Xiaomi. Redmi phones in Pakistan have a different global tag and that is PGGMIXM. PGG for Android 9, MI is a global variant and XM for Xiaomi. Any Xiaomi phone that is bought within Pakistan will have MI at the 4th and 5th letter, and not EU. Similarly, Russian have RU at the 4th and 5th place and Indiana have IN, and China has CN. It is an unconfirmed news with no corroborating evidence.

  • Auto call Recording is not exist in this mobile, and this mobile does not support auto call recording app as well.

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