SNGPL Asks Consumers to Use Energy-Efficient Gas Appliances

The Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) Islamabad Region has advised its consumers to use energy-efficient gas appliances, which will not only help curtail their utility bills but also avoid wastage.

Addressing an annual event of the company’s Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) department, General Manager SNGPL Mohammad Zahoor underlined the need for installing good quality appliances to ensure conservation and prevent gas leakage incidents.

He said the department is playing a key role in providing international standard services to the gas consumers, for which the company spent massive funds on capacity building for the staff.

The GM said the HSE in different localities of the region including Islamabad, Murree, Kahuta, Kallar Syedan, Taxila, Wah, Attock, and Fateh Jang have improved the efficiency of the staff to ensure safety and avoid possible tragedies.

The safety measures introduced by the company have placed its distribution network in the list of international standard companies, enjoying good repute in this field. Due to the excellent command and control system, the staff of both technical and non-technical fields ensure strict compliance with health safety and environment rules.

With the best strategy and tireless efforts, the GM said, the company had not only acquainted its staff with global-level health, safety and environment rules, but also rejuvenated the spirit of consumers about appropriate usage of energy and its conservation through extensive awareness.

He said that SNGPL took a number of measures like arranging health safety week and different awareness sessions that helped bring positive behavioral changes in its staff, especially with regards to improving their skills under a conducive environment.

Zahoor asked the representatives of the employees union to play their due role in the enforcement of the HSE policies in the department for improved efficiency. Meanwhile, General Manager SNGPL Mohammad Zahoor on Monday inaugurated a tree plantation campaign by planting a pine sapling at the regional office here.

  • He didn’t mentioned, what are those energy efficient gas Appliances and are they available in the market?

  • Solution is missing, highlighting issue only is not important, everyone talks about WHAT part but HOW it is done is not even bother to discuss ,sometimes people don’t know how to do that’s why they only discuss what

  • Bookish lecture, seems lack of knowledge about gas appliances market. Please educate the populace which appliances are gas efficient in the market.

  • Good efforts by SNGPL but market products should also be gas efficient ie water gyser available in market since inception need improvisation of its burner chamber.Only by putting up a sand filled conical baffle is not the only solution.Such products can be further improved by asking resarch insitutes to participate as well engg educational universitys can be useful.Curtailing gas leakages from lines and heavy theft of it can be a good practice in increasing the efficiency of the gas utility.

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