Former New Zealand All-Rounder Rejects the Idea of More PSL Teams

A large number of fans and former cricketers are calling for the addition of new teams in the Pakistan Super League (PSL). As per the suggestions from former players, teams from FATA, Rawalpindi and other regions should be added in the coming editions of the league.

Former Kiwi all-rounder, Grant Elliot, has opposed the idea, quoting the example of the Big Bash League (BBL) in Australia.

I do like the idea but what it will mean is that the competition goes on for longer and these competitions are good when they are three weeks, crash, bang and you have a winner. We’ve seen the Big Bash extend its competition and for me, it felt like it went on for too long.


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He was of the view that franchise-based leagues only work well when the fans are always interested. However, with a very long tournament, PSL can lose the interest of the fans, which will not bode well for its success.

As a spectator, you almost lose interest and you just wait for the semi-finals and final and then see what’s happening. So, I think you still need to keep people engaged and that’s obviously the revenue in there as well which is in that engagement, and where you are making sure the crowds are coming in.

PSL Project Executive, Shoaib Naveed, earlier confirmed that no new teams will be added in the 2021 edition of the league, however, they will be assessing the pros and cons of adding more franchises.

Here’s the updated PSL 2020 points table. You can find the complete PSL 2020 schedule here.

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  • Providing security to current teams is already too hectic, and the teams are already complaining about hectic schedules. Let us get adjusted with the venues, and make cricket come to Quetta and KPK.

  • Yes Grant Elliot is right .We should focus on these 6 teams and should increase the budget of PSL drafts then we will see the big name will come nd will play in pakistan we should not think about increament of teams we should think how we can get the big name in Pakistan to plays in these venues .If you offer more dollars then you will see the more big names in pakistan and this the way to welcome the international cricket on pakistan

  • Though I agree with Grant Elliot’s opinion of not adding more franchises in PSL but I certainly feel that Faisalabad and Sialkot need representation as well through franchises. Mind you, both Faisalabad and Sialkot have international level stadiums, therefore, they can also be used to make the concept of home and away matches more realistic.

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