Submarine Cable Might be to Blame for Internet Slowdown: ISPs

If you are experiencing slow internet or disconnections, you are not alone. Internet service providers are reporting a technical fault and disruptions in their network, causing problems for customers around Pakistan.

According to an official presser from Stormfiber:

Both of our upstream providers have reported degradation on certain western destinations on their network. While it is too early to conclude the exact root cause of the issue, we suspect an outage on an international cable segment(s) or route(s) further upstream.

Similarly, Transworld has also issued a statement warning about a similar problem:

Based on customer reports, Nayatel was also experiencing a general slowdown but seems to be back to normal for the time being. The company did not issue any statements.

We will keep you posted on any further developments.

A techie, gamer, and Senior Editor at ProPakistani.

  • ye drama kab tak chalna hai, business ko nuksaan hota is se aur koi kam b ni kr ra is maslay se permanent solution ka

    • there are many cables now so this should not be causing such a huge disruption. idk why it did.

      you can see how many there are on submarinecables dot com. there’s also a land based cable to china that is operated by sco. but i’m not sure whether that is commercially operational yet.

  • the best thing is to change your DNS to opendns it makes net way faster and secure too

  • Nayatel is not back to normal, still slow. Has been happening for last few months, their speed it terrible in the evenings every few weeks, and then it is back to normal. Not much help from their support line since the Management changed.

    • absolutely shitty service is offered by nayatel i am in continuous contact with their support team and its been total failure they are unable to resolve any complaints and just keep saying that everything is working normal at their end its rubbish by nayatel, they are just been worse than PTCL these days…

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