Govt of Pakistan Launches Official Coronavirus Website

The government of Pakistan has launched an official website for coronavirus to provide authentic information and numbers on Coronavirus in Pakistan.

The much necessary step comes in the wake of rampant rumors and misinformation on social platforms about coronavirus cases, deaths, and precautionary measures across Pakistan.

Since the confirmation of the first case of coronavirus in Pakistan, we have witnessed people panicking over unauthentic information ranging from a countrywide lockdown to army spraying the length and breadth of the country via helicopters to disinfect the country.

The launch of a web portal answering all questions and providing accurate numbers will surely sooth everyone’s nerves, not to mention give an easy way to sift fact from fiction.

Named ‘Novel Coronavirus Interactive Dashboard’ the website has a clean and usable interface.

At the very top, the website displays the dedicated national Coronavirus helpline number, 1166.

The home page consists of a live tracker of the number of confirmed cases and deaths due to the disease in Pakistan.

The website also contains symptoms, precautions, myths, frequently asked questions, and the latest news linked with COVID-19 for the public.

It also incorporates a list of all designated laboratories across the country where one can get tested for the Coronavirus.

What do you think of this initiative by the federal government? Let us know in the comments section.

  • I am confident we will get rid of coronavirus in no time as due to high temperature corona will be killed both in Pakistan and India.

  • Government can do good to People by untapping huge potential of Telegram Messenger, instead of blocking it.
    A single Authentic Telegram Channel can help Govt. communicate with whole Nation.
    A singel Telegram Group can link OnLine a whole Govt. Dept.

  • Its a great and right step that our govt take on time because people are becomes more scared while observing the fake news about crona virus on social media.
    May Allah pak protect us and the whole world with peace and patience.

  • Janab prime Minister sb

    Private factory Mein sanitizer lagawaney aur mask aur hand gloves deney ka order Jari Kerin. Screening b kerwaein

    Tarig glass factory Sheikhupura mein koi sanitizer aur mask aur glaves nai de rahe worker Corona se infected ho rahe hain

    Factory ka number Hai 0563500643

    • No I suggest take rest and if you really want to test then go private which have clean and neat system of Lab. Mostly chances it can be spread from hospitals where corona virus patient can be there. But nobody know about he/she has corona virus or not. So please keep save and maintain clean and near environment at your home.

  • I am an overseas Pakistani in USA. What to speak of superpower, there is no national helpline to call for coronavirus information, and the telephone number of our local health deptt is constantly engaged.

  • Is it possible for government officials to provide city wise details of Corona virus patients, this will help the people to take care accordingly.

  • Please lock down industrial area where gathering is high and may infected products will transport to whole country.just for 3 to 7 days.

  • Is there any evidence that Corona will be weak in summer? I have heard it will not be affected by temperature rise, if it becomes weak (which I do pray for) so what is the strategy after six months when the temperature will start becoming lower? keep sitting in homes?

  • How to complain for the people who are not taking serious to lock down in lahore….. In our street dozens of young boys and kids are playing cricket and other games many ladies are sitied in street like a get to gather…. This is very dangerous

  • Sir small area as liaqutabad .Orongi town .sarjani . Jha logo kee tadad bhoot hay lock down Kay bawajood loog ghoom rahy hay Jo bhoot khatar nak hay is Kay laya small street may police bike or rangers bike use karna chaya or mobile in area may cricket meetings horhay hay Jo bhoot dangerous hay Sindh Kay liya

  • this situation is very painful for those who are an old age and limited source of income spatially an old eobi pensioners how to takle their life in this crises era no one judge this situation in corona virus shut down, i requested to CM Sind to help poor people by providing ration, food etc etc and oblige

    • I recommend you to take a mild hot cup of cava
      Way to preapare is given: Add cardamom,cloves, garlic , ginger , cinnamon with table salt and cook until it become brownish colored . All those thing are very good to get rid of fever as well as pain.

  • The blood / plasma of the people who has defeated the Caron a-virus should be injected to those who all are seriously ill by this virus . The memorial white blood cell and antibodies will be 100% helpful to relieve this disease

  • Why you people aren’t updating the figures by adding 2500 more cases (as per Zafar Mirza’s press briefing last day)? Total confirmed cases (as of now) should be at least: 1286+2500 = 3786

  • Today I was called by one of my villagers to give me information about a person(Sakhawat son of Swat Khan, resident of Ujarha, CHANDAN GARHI, PS Mattani, District Peshawar) having got coronavirus so I could inform authority concerned for taking necessary action. I made several calls to 1166 but every time I was advised to wait because all persons on duty to respond to me were busy. Thereafter I would listen to unending music! This went on for well over half an hour. Thereafter I cursed 1166 & called a friend in army to do the job who confirmed to me within minutes that he reported the case to office concerned. If this is how 1166 works, it is pathetic to say the least!

  • Hello. I am suffering body pain, mild cough, sore throat nd slightly fever with chills body.

    14 Days No traveling (Only Home)
    No corona patient Around me
    i am Diabetic and Thalassemia Patient

    NO FLU. Should i go for CORONA test

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