Pak Post to Deliver Pensions to Millions at Their Doorstep Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services, Murad Saeed, has announced to deliver pensions of retired government employees at their doorstep amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

The decision was taken after Prime Minister Imran Khan issued special directives to minimize unnecessary public gatherings around the country.

As per details, Pakistan Post will be providing pensions to 1.3 million former employees at their homes as the country continues to grapple with Coronavirus.


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Murad Saeed said that the safety of pensioners is a top priority. Coronavirus can prove deadly for the elderly as their immune system weakens with age.

Safety of Pakistan Post’s Employees 

Meanwhile, Director General of Pakistan Post, Mohammad Akhlaq Rana, has directed all circle heads to ensure the safety of thousands of employees of the department.

According to the official notification, DG Pakistan Post has ordered to provide field employees all over Pakistan with necessary personal protection gear to deal with the ongoing situation.

Moreover, DG Pakistan Post has also suspended the queue system at General Post Offices (GPO).

  • Honorable Federal Minister Communication/Post Murad Saeed Sb., Pakistan has to enter the era of UPU where Post had a major role in the glories of the past. Just see China Post and the level of their coverage to global e-Commerce. The Post is a total bureauratic outfit not even a fraction of China lead. Todays expectation and role are led by TCS, DHL, FEDEX are all licensed by the Post Office. With overhead costs of in-efficiences, delay tactic, it looks like a group dominating.
    The Universal Postal Union in Switzerland office whereby you should visit to lead the post office Pakistan and how we can use ICT, E-Commerce from pakistan. How we can use Digital Tools from the Post Office. Suggest to please redundant the in-efficient and hire competent people.

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