Pakistan Reached 1000th Coronavirus Case Faster Than Italy

Pakistan has now crossed 1000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus. The speed at which the Coronavirus cases are being reported is alarming.

To put it into perspective, Pakistan has reported its 1000th case faster than Italy, which is now the epicenter of the disease.


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Italy had reported its first case of Coronavirus on Jan 30 while Pakistan reported its case on 26 February.

It only took 29 days for Pakistan to confirm its 1000th case. Whereas, Italy had confirmed just over 600 cases in the first 29 days after the confirmation of the first case.

In fact, Italy crossed the 1000th mark on March 7th, 38 days after the first reported case. Now, Italy has witnessed around 7,000 deaths and 70,000 people are infected due to Coronavirus. The number is expected to rise given the huge elderly population of the country.


Pakistan is Developing Its Own Coronavirus Vaccine Under Fawad Chaudhry’s Task Force

Pakistan has enforced strict lockdown measures to curb the spread of Coronavirus. Considering the lack of healthcare facilities in the country, things can turn gloomy for Pakistan if the public does not observe these restrictions.

  • cutiyaaa insaan 17 feb ko italy me 1 case tha and with in 29 days by mid march they crossed many thousands .
    don’t spread panic . please

  • plz do not spread fake stats, its a bull shit you are doing through this, there is a big big difference b/w Pakistan and Italy stats , you are spreading panic,

  • This is disgusting stop spreading false news and creating false panic between naive citizens of Pakistan. Get in touch with the write stats or simply don’t talk about it at all!

  • The data drawn for Number of Cases vs. Number of Days
    1 to 28 are not actual Dates. They day 1 to day 28 regardless of the date of the month.

    If data is correct and PK govt continue to test more and more people we might get worst result than Italy (God Forbid).

  • Yeh to hona he tha. Jis mulk ko khuda azab mai mubtila kerday or waha k log bajae masjidy abad kerne k unko band kerne ko kahe waha per azab bharta hai khtam nahi hota.

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