Man from Sahiwal Wins Bet by Lying in Front of a Train & Surviving

A man in Sahiwal has won an odd bet by coming out harmless after lying on a train track as the train passed over him.

Going by the name of Mazdoor Saleem, a fruit seller near Sharif Colony, hugged his friends and everyone expressed their happiness on him winning the bet.

Here’s the video:

According to the details, Saleem’s friends had encouraged him into the bet following which he laid on the track with a fast-approaching train. Police have already arrested the man and are on the look for his friends involved in the scene.

A couple of years ago, a young boy had also struck a bet with his friends that he will cross Neelum River, however, his dead body was recovered days later.

A number of similar cases keep popping up in Pakistan where a group challenges one of their friends to pull off some daredevil stunt for a small amount of cash. It has to stop otherwise, people will keep losing their lives for nothing.

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  • I think better to remove this post and don’t spread such news.they should give eye opening punishment to the concerned persons. Otherwise tiktok will full Of such video after few days

  • Already televised by TV channels so can not be hide. Allah says in Quran about Insan Aksar o hum la yaqelon.

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