Indian General Makes a Fool of Himself With an Absurd Allegation Against Pakistan

Just when you think that the Indian Army cannot stoop any lower, they come up with something even more bizarre. We’re all well aware of the fantasy theories of surgical strikes by the Indian Army and their out of the world Bollywood movies, aren’t we?

Well, there’s another allegation by a 3-star general of the Indian Army that’s making everyone laugh on both sides of the border.


Indian Army Officer Slips in Snow and Lands in Pakistan’s Side of Kashmir

In an interview with BBC News, Lieutenant General Baggavalli Somashekar Raju, who is deputed in the disputed valley, claimed that the Pakistani Army is sending in COVID-19 patients across the Line of Control. I told you it’s delirious. No wonder why he wears the nameplate BS Raju on his chest.

We do get intelligence inputs from across that Pakistan is pushing a lot of COVID cases into Jammu and Kashmir. We are also conscious that Pakistan is taking risk of putting these gullible people who are being trained as Mujahideen into very small enclosed places in their own launchpads.

Here’s the interview:

When asked to back his statement with evidence, the top officer resorted to ‘intelligence reports’. DG ISPR has also responded to the baseless allegations leveled by the Indian officer.

Twitter users on both sides of the border are bashing the Army General for his foolish remarks:

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    • Zahid, I appreciate and equally share your sentiment but we, as Muslims and Pakistanis, should not misuse others religion in our conversation. Hope you didn’t take this wrong. :)

  • “Indian General Makes a Fool of Himself”

    Gao mutra having its effects. It is the drink of choice in Indian forces Officer’s Messes across India.

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