PM Met Coronavirus Affected Faisal Edhi Without a Mask Then Met President & ISI Chief

Leading philanthropist, Faisal Edhi, has tested positive for coronavirus.

According to the reports, Abdul Sattar Edhi’s son was tested for novel coronavirus two days ago and his report has been confirmed to be positive.

Speaking to a local news outlet, Faisal Edhi’s son, Saad Edhi has said that his father started suffering from COVID-19 symptoms after meeting with Prime Minister, Imran Khan. Faisal Edhi met with PM Khan a few days back to present a cheque of Rs. 10 million for the Corona Relief Fund.

As seen in the pictures, both Imran Khan and Faisal Edhi were not wearing masks. It is still unknown how Faisal Edhi got the virus, however, Imran Khan has since met a number of people including President Arif Alvi, ISI Chief, Lt. General Faiz Hameed, Jazz CEO Aamir Ibrahim, and Telenor CEO Irfan Wahab to name a few.


Are Deaths Due to Coronavirus Being Under-Reported in Pakistan?

There’s no news regarding PM Khan taking the coronavirus test, however, having met a carrier of the virus, it is high time that the Prime Minister Office (PMO) issues a statement clarifying the situation.

A number of world leaders, including Boris Johnson, have tested positive in the previous weeks. It is imperative that PM Imran takes the best possible precautionary measures along with Pakistan’s other important leaders and chain of command considering how the virus is more dangerous for aged people.

Earlier, Faisal Edhi had alarmed that the number of dead bodies being transported by their foundation is increasing by the day, suspecting that the deceased people were coronavirus patients despite the fact that they were never tested for the virus.

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  • Virus is not dependent on mask. It can be transmitted through air, body, the place where you walk, the clothes you wear, the surroundings, the windows, the animals, and literally any surface on the planet.

    It should be assumed that every official who is working with other people are most likely to be infected.

    Right now the only thing we can hope for is a cure which some say is coming in a month of two.

  • IK is infected. Either the news will be shared later or buried in typical PTI style. On a different note, FM said the debts have been waived for a year. Today’s news contradicts everything FM said. Why is PTI hell bent on misleading the public with false information. This is not the first time.

    • It is so unfortunate that people like you are so blind and dumb to find any thing negative to comment upon. No problem people like You will keep weeping and IK will make you weep throughout your life In Shaa Allah.

      • And people like you will remain blind followers. Comments likes yours easily get posted as team here is PTI supporter.
        Imran is already making nation weep, the only promise he did what he said.

        • Yes we are proud to be the blind followers of those who are actually working for this country i.e. IK and his team. But people like you are so sick minded and dumb that nothing comes to your eyes and mind except negativity and filth to damage and destabilise this great country. If you can’t see the positives and blessings this great country has given to us then please keep your bloody mouth shut. In fact people like you are actually a curse for this country who have actually looted and made everything here but don’t want to give back anything for the poor and needy people of this country. In fact its none of your fault because you are blind followers of Shariefs and Zardaris who have been on rampage to destroy this great country and how could you see this great nation coming back on its feet under the leadership of IK who will make sure that you and your shit leaders keep weeping and weeping In Shaa Allah. Better keep your mouth shut and stay under the balls of your beloved leaders who are already on the run to save their arses. The days are not far when your own negative narrative will haunt and squeeze you out of this country In Shaa Allah. Keep weeping Alhamdolillah Alhamdolillah.

          • You seem like an intelligent true Pakistani, do you think it’s high time we get an online forum to discuss innovations that can help further create a prosperous Pakistan? Let me know. Honorable Imran khan needs an app. We need an educational LMS for the masses. We need an app to connect with other intelligent Pakistanis to create innovative ventures. We need to create a link between international Pakistanis, there is much to discuss. I will return to see your reply Raja.

            Best regards.

            • Thanks brother for the support and kind words. Yes surely I am all available for any such venture which can bring any benefit to this great nation and great country. Please let me what you want me to do. I would love to be part of any such initiative please. Regards.

              • Ok great. I am going to create an online social networking platform in the next couple of days. I’ll send you the link of the website, you can create an account, and we can discuss the innovative prospects waiting to be availed for the prosperity of our innocent nation. Also we can invite other intellectuals around the world. Keep an eye on this chat Raja.
                Will be posting updates here until migration.

                Best Regards.

    • You don’t know how great and decisive Imran is. Give him another 10 years, Pakistan will be greater than UK.

  • No one is taking it seriously. We should at least avoid hand shakes, keep 2 meter social distance & wear mask. This should be done & after that pray to Allah.
    Tadbeer & taqdeer both should be applied.

    • and submit to wishes of sattan we will not surrender infront of corona burger kids should not spread panic.

  • Imran is worse prime minister in pak history. Pti media cell making fake comments but to no avail. Pakistani awam knows very well real face of imran loser. I pray to ALLAH that some good leader comes and throws imran out of the helicopter, GOD Willing.

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