Turn your Liabilities into Paying Assets with Rentable.pk

All of us possess some unutilized items, that we were once obsessed with and now they are just lying dormant as a liability. We all are passengers of the same boat in this regard.

So, wouldn’t it be splendid to have a platform, where you can make easy money using all your spare items?

With the evolution of online shopping, life has become more convenient and hassle-free for most of us. Adding to your comfort, Rentable.pk gives you the platform to transform your unutilized liabilities into easy money by renting it to the other people, online.

Commodities that aren’t useful to you anymore could come in handy to other people as essential requirements. Rentable.pk is the first-ever classified website of Pakistan that allows you to rent anything, anywhere across the country.

The website was recently developed by a group of tech-savvy enthusiasts enabling Pakistani individuals to avail renting services and also rent out their non-usable items. This local startup is growing rapidly and gaining much popularity nationwide, as concluded by the positive feedback of the users.

With the current economic crisis, the populous is facing problems of fewer job opportunities and high qualification demands. Surplus labor hours are required to meet the survival ends in these times.

However, this online renting service provides a gateway to people with financial instability. It turns every household into a virtual warehouse at the user’s self-ease, giving them major benefits in return.

Rentable.pk is your partner for the tough times, extending its support to the people nationwide. With this website, you can display any of your belongings and earn a good sum of cash. Either it is your spare car, clothes, camera or any other useable item, you can post it all on the website just like starting your own part-time business.

The greatest facility provided by this website is their customer support services, which allows you to contact the client and satisfy all your queries. Furthermore, it lets you negotiate and finalize a deal on your grounds.

The website ensures the satisfaction of all the people involved by maintaining their feasible terms and conditions.

How to Post an Ad on Rentable.pk?

The first step to posting an Ad is to create an account,

  • Go to Rentable.pk and click on ‘Post an Ad’,
  • Either Sign-in with your existing Facebook/Google or click on Create an account,
  • You will receive a verification code on the email you’ve entered,
  • Set your password and voila!

Log in with your credentials, capture some pictures of the rentable item and post your ad with a detailed description.

Terms and Conditions

Here are the few policies that you must know before signing up on the Rentable,

  • Rentable requires your full name, contact number, and location, etc. to confirm your authenticity.
  • It has the right to bring down your post without your consent.
  • It is not responsible for any fraudulent deal arrangements.
  • It has no part in customer negotiations as it keeps no share in profit or loss.

The website takes every measure to keep your dealings easy and secure. Rentable highly values its users and their constructive feedback. For any further details, you can always visit Rentable.pk or email at [email protected]

So what are you waiting for? Visit Rentable.pk right now and start earning from home.