Situation Report: New Coronavirus Cases Ramp Up as Testing Capacity Increases in Sindh

Pakistan saw a total of 874 new coronavirus cases in the country, up 5.8% from last day when new additions were reported to be around 806.

Of all the new cases, almost half or 404 cases were reported from Sindh only, while Punjab added 234 to its tally. KP reported 153 new coronavirus cases and Balochistan added 63 new positive cases to its total.


Recent increase in national numbers can be mainly attributed to Sindh’s sharp increase in cases — but they have also increased their testing capabilities — as close to 4,000 tests are done in Sindh now everyday, against around 2,200 tests that are being done in Punjab on daily basis.

Sindh cases are now nearing those in Punjab, and are on track to over-take Punjab as highest number of Coronavirus cases in a province.

Recent increase in national and provincial tally — while increasing at a good rate — is marked as restricted spread of the outbreak, as growth numbers have remained below 10% since April 6, 2020; that is for over 20 days now.

This number (of growth rate in new cases), when compared with other countries, is pretty decent.

Similarly the death rate has remained below earlier projected numbers. But this is to grow, as number of patients in ICU or on ventilator are increasing every day.

Number of hospitalizations decreased in Pakistan, for the first time in 10 days. That’s mainly due to major number of discharged patients yesterday — as 627 cases were marked as fully recovered and discharged from the hospital in past 24 hours.

Total number of patients hospitalized reached 3,560 — down from 3,687 from a day ago. Of those admitted in hospital, 99 are in critical condition while 54 patients are on ventilator.

Confirmed Cases In 24 Hours Deaths Last 24 Hours
AJK 66 01 00 00
Balochistan 978 63 14 00
GB 333 03 03 00
Islamabad 313 16 04 00
KP 2,313 153 122 08
Punjab 6,061 234 103 03
Sindh 5,695 404 100 08
Total 15,759 874 343 19