Thousands of Pakistani Households to See Steadier Income Flows with foodpanda’s ‘HomeChefs’ Initiative

Sustaining life has always been tough for low- and middle-income households in Pakistan. In today’s pandemic situation, it has sadly gotten tougher. With the lockdowns rendering many out of work, making ends meet has become a formidable challenge.

To alleviate the adverse economic fallout of the current crisis, foodpanda is bringing a robust social empowerment initiative that the country was in a dire need of. Called ‘HomeChefs’, the program will bring financial empowerment to thousands of home-based cooks in all parts of the country.

The program will allow up to 100,000 homechefs to earn as much as Rs 50,000 every month by supplying home-cooked meals to customers via foodpanda.

An old and trusted partnership

The company has already been working with at least 1,000 home-based chefs in as many as 18 cities across the country. An average of 3,000 home-cooked meals are delivered by foodpanda on a daily basis.

foodpanda is the only food delivery app in Pakistan that delivers freshly-prepared home food to customers in less than 30 minutes. Currently, 60% of foodpanda’s homechefs are females and 40% are men, and for more than 40% of these people, foodpanda is the only source of income.

foodpanda’s strong coronavirus response

foodpanda’s response to the novel coronavirus outbreak has been swift and responsible. To encourage and ensure the strictest hygiene measures among homechefs, foodpanda has provided them with special Covid-19 packs that also include awareness messages and hygiene videos.

The company has also delivered over 750 fresh home-cooked meals prepared by MOM-heroes for the on-ground heroes fighting the pandemic on the front lines.

In today’s virus crisis, the company is taking these efforts up a notch by inviting 100,000 homechefs to join its platform and start earning steady incomes straight from their homes.

Those who wish to be a part of the program can click here to get themselves registered.

Continuing to empower Pakistani women

Financial empowerment of Pakistani women has been a focus area of foodpanda. As part of these efforts, the company funded a Rs 2.4 million project with Punjab Government’s Skill Development Fund to train, onboard, and empower 50 underprivileged women as foodpanda homechefs.

Moreover, foodpanda partnered with the USAID Small & Medium Enterprise Activity (SMEA) to empower homechefs through online training sessions on entrepreneurship and free access to online courses for SME’s & Women Entrepreneurs.

foodpanda also celebrated its most successful woman homechef by flying her in for the prestigious Pakistan Stock Exchange bell-ringing ceremony on Women’s Day. Besides, her on-stage and TV interviews were also conducted creating a unique and empowering vendor success story.

  • What about hygiene and quality control who will monitor the kitchens of these home chefs?

  • Thank you Mr. Waseem Badami for your endorsement, support to the industry with the dis-claimer as well for compliance.
    Food Panda has played a positive role in food delivery in Pakistan.
    As you know Uber being the Ride Hailing Service for Taxi service running successfully in Pk, across the world. Uber is about to initiate the services of Food Delivery with its successes worldwide.
    Trust competition will improve quality to the customer, with food safety.

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