Azaan Echoes from Mosques in East London for The First Time in History

Mosques in East London borough have been permitted to broadcast Azaan publicly for the first time due to the lockdown during Ramadan.

The Council of Waltham Forest has agreed that some mosques in the area could perform the Azaan as mosques are closed, restricting Muslims from offering collective prayers.

The permission is initially only for the month of Ramadan. As per the agreement, 10 mosques have been allowed to broadcast prayer calls for Maghrib and Jumma prayers.

Call to prayer broadcast for first time in London borough Picture: Waltham Forest Islamic Association

Arfan Abrahim, a member of the committee that asked the council to allow it, told reporters that it has been happening in Whitechapel at the East London mosque for many years, but it never happened on this side of London.

Call to prayer broadcast for first time in London borough Picture: Waltham Forest Islamic Association

It was a historic moment when Azaans were heard in the Waltham Forest for the first time in history. People captured the historic moment on their cameras and shared videos on the internet.

Abrahim, 35, said that the Muslims across Britain have had a very different experience this Ramadan than usual as they could not go to the mosque and pray.

Because the mosque is such a focal point, especially this month not being able to go is very emotional.

He said that hearing the Azaan provides a connection to the mosque for people.

Check some of the videos here:

Furthermore, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) also broadcast Azaan across the country for the first time. British-Muslims will now hear the Friday prayers call on BBC Radio regularly.

  • I hope we see the same tolerance in Pakistan and all religions will be able to practice and preach freely like they do in America, UK and other countries.
    In Pakistan Proselytizing (tableegh) of any religion other than Islam is banned, preaching is also banned and there is death penalty for any Convert or Blasphemy.
    In UK anyone can convert from Christianity to Islam, preaching of all religions is allowed and vice versa and state does not interfere. This is the future of any progressive and open society.

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