Bahria Town Lab Sealed for Hiding COVID-19 Cases

Punjab health authorities have sealed a PCR diagnostic laboratory in Bahria Town Phase 8 in Rawalpindi for reportedly concealing a number of positive coronavirus cases.

As per media reports, the lab was established illegally without approval of the Punjab Healthcare Commission and was found to be violating the standard operational procedures (SOPs) announced by the provincial government.

Renowned news anchor, Nadeem Malik, claimed that the said laboratory in Bahria Town phase 8 hospital, had concealed up to 45 to 50 Covid-19 positive cases.


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He said that the PCR lab was sealed because it neither followed the standard protocol regarding the safety of the staff from contracting the virus, nor the government issued SOPs.

The standard protocol for every private lab is that they share information related to positive cases with the government so that its close contacts could be traced out and tested. However, the said laboratory did just the opposite: it handed over reports directly to patients.

Moreover, the lab concealed about 50 cases, which is akin to plotting the local transmission of the virus. As per health experts, a single coronavirus patient can communicate the virus to about 35 to 40 people in no time, Malik stated.


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Malik also lamented Bahria Town’s advertisement in newspapers related to its cheap testing facility in Lahore, saying that the real estate company is not authorized and qualified to run a diagnostic lab.

So far, more than 30 cases have surfaced in Bahria Town Rawalpindi. As a precautionary measure, the health department has decided to retest all positive cases, trace their close connections, and test them as well.

  • Main hoon Malik Riaz. Shabash. Ab galian do mujhe. Kya faraq paray ga? I will still roam free. Yeh cheez!

  • ہمارے معاشرے میں قانون طاقتور کے گھر کی
    لونڈی ہے
    یہ سب کچھ وقت کا ڈرامہ ہے
    ذرا شور شرابے کا گرد بیٹھ جانے دیں
    بالآخر 100 فیصد گارنٹی کے ساتھ لیب خاموشی سے کھل جائے گی

  • It’s sad/depressing to read the news based Press Release in ProPk for Bahria Town Mr. Malik Riaz against Covid-19 Lab reporting, in the Press Release.
    Honorable Mr. Malik Riaz is a respectable Muslim will not do anything and not to his stature. God fearing, sincere, will not do anything in the Holy month of Ramazan. How dare would Mr. Malik Riaz do such thing which is suicidal for someone in the holy Ramazan.
    May I request the management of ProPK to please investigate to the depth for this scam for mis-reporting, who is the patient, what is his/her relationship with Bahria Town, is there any personal grudge of the affected individual.
    We should close/wind up this scam immediately, forgive, forget, Malik Riaz please forgive, Honorable Anchor please forgive, the staff.
    Please do your best to save the life, pay more attention.
    My sincere advise to Mr. Malik Riaz please get in touch directly to WHO mission office in Islamabad and make sure there should not be a re-occurance. The WHO Mission Office Islamabad will provide you all guideline, for avoiding the re-occurance. Please give Sadqa for Iftar of 100 patients. May Allah Bless us. Pakistan Zindabad.

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