COVID-19 Tracking is Violating Pakistanis’ Privacy Laws

Recently, there were reports about a data breach regarding the information relating to the volunteers of the corona relief force. Now there are reports that the government is monitoring millions of Pakistanis amidst the global pandemic.

In a report published at Coda, it was shown that this monitoring has led to the data breach of people and is being leaked online.

According to the report, over 560,000 people have been alerted, with the help of cell tower tracking, if they have been in contact with a corona virus-infected person and this had led to a data breach. The private information of a patient was leaked online and now as per a health department spokesperson, over twenty doctors in Sindh alone have seen their information leaked online.


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This is a very serious issue as this is the second breach of this nature in recent times and raises multiple questions on the competency of the relevant authorities.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had stated that the government had implemented a tracking system to monitor security and terrorism with the system being designed by ISI.

This system had proven useful in the fight against the virus, with the system being used to map out contact tracing for COVID-19 cases.

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