Shahid Afridi Announces When He Will Retire from PSL

Shahid Afridi has revealed that he will be playing his last Pakistan Super League (PSL) next year. Talking to the people on his recent visit to Kashmir, the star all-rounder also requested the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to include a team from the region in the league.

Boom Boom Afridi, who was a part of the Multan Sultans team in the now-postponed PSL 5, has expressed his desire to lead the team from Kashmir in his last PSL.

It is my request to PCB to introduce a team representing Kashmir in next PSL and I’ve a humble wish to lead that team as a captain in my last PSL season.


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His remarks were capped by a loud cheer by the audience in Bagh who had gathered to listen to him. Here’s the video:

This is not the first time Pakistanis have requested the PCB to include a team from Kashmir in the PSL, however, there has been no progress on the proposition to date.

If it happens, it would be a huge statement by Pakistan and the PCB, especially after India’s blatant violations of human rights in the Indian Occupied Kashmir. Earlier, the PCB had said that the next PSL will not include any new teams, however, the management will look at the possible options after PSL 2021.


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Afridi also bashed the Indian Prime Minister for his fascism and discrimination, which hasn’t been received well by the Indians and their cricketers.

Do you think there should be a team from Kashmir in PSL 6? Let us know in the comments section.

  • Yes he will join politics now. He has been a Green signal to join Politics. His Political imagine is being built by the media. But it is sad that he is using the People’ money to make his own personal image. “Shahid Afridi Foundation” will be used just like Shaukat Khanum to get political mileage.

    • In Pakistan No Natural leadership can come forward. Especially the establishment makes sure that No Real Leadership comes from the plains of Sindh and Punjab.
      Establishment has determined that leadership lies with Pukhtoons only and they are being supported and launched from all fronts.
      People of Punjab and Sindh should open their eyes that how they are being enslaved for centuries by this method. Leaders are imposed on us to make us slaves. Atleast in Punjab people have forgotten that any leader could come from them. They are just doing “Personality Worship” of others all the time.

  • yes sure, SHAHID AFRIDI wish to lead KASHMIRI team in PSL 6 is a great, P.C.B to take it seriously & act on it as a sign of unity with KASHMIR.

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