This Single Mother is Winning Hearts While Earning Money for Her Family

It is a man’s world, they say, however, women like Rubina Hashim are an epitome of strength, proving that women can do anything that men can. Despite limited means and no support from the husband, she earns a respectable living for her family.

A single mother, Rubina, now owns a fruit stall in Islamabad after the coronavirus pandemic and Ramadan put an end to her food cart where she used to sell Aloo Parathas. 

Other women can do this as well. If they want, they can work hard and they should.

With no money left after sitting at home without any work, she loaned some money to start her own fruit cart. Now, she walks with her cart from Blue Area to F-10 Markaz and back along Jinnah Avenue in the federal capital. She has been an independent woman, working without any support for the past three years.

I used to sell Aloo Parathas in Blue Area, however, summers are here and no one eats such things from food stalls in Ramadan. This is the reason why I have set up this fruit stall.


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In an interview with a local media outlet, she told that her husband has left her with three children. She is the sole breadwinner and is also educating her three kids.

Rubina leaves at 4 am for the market to purchase fruits to sell on a daily basis. It is no secret that such markets are crowded with men only, even then she does not rely on anyone to get the fruits for her.

Not only that, she takes al the necessary steps to make sure she stays safe from the virus and so do her customers.

Following her footsteps, a number of women have started their own stalls and small shops for livelihood.

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Via Urdu News

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  • May Allah give her all the strength and keep her safe, all she is doing is to feed her family, we should really support them and do not bargain the prices at which they are selling.
    May Allah be with her.

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