Cambridge Reveals the Detailed Process for Grading O, A Level Students Without Exams

In March, Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) had decided to cancel all examinations originally scheduled to be held in May and June this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Following this decision, CAIE announced that it will mark the students for the May June exams based on a 4-step process that combines evidence provided by schools with the evidence at its disposal.

CAIE has now released the details of the 4-step evidence-based process. Here is how CAIE will grade the students without exams.

Step 1

Teachers determine a predicted grade for each student in each syllabus based on judgment and evidence which includes students’ performance in classwork, coursework, assignments, and mock exams.

Step 2

Teachers rank students within each grade for each syllabus

Step 3

Head of the center examines the predicted grade and rank order developed by teachers and sends to CAIE

Step 4

CAIE conducts a standardization process, combining data from the center with data at its disposal, and awards final grades

According to the deputy country director for CAIE in Pakistan, Shahid Ashraf, this 4-step process is the most valid, fair, and effective approach in these extraordinary circumstances.

CAIE wants to ensure students are not disadvantaged in any way. All grades awarded in the May and June 2020 series through this 4-step process will carry the same weightage as they have in any other year. This will enable the students to move forward with their future study and career plans.

  • This grading systrm is only for those who can afford high fees and private candidates are treated notequally.poor system .CAIE HAS lost is credibility and authencity .Caie should treat all private and regular srudents equally. due to poor

  • What about those students who chill all the year and shows performance in final,it won’t be fare

  • Caie has failed to give clear policy about private candidates and It is not necessary that weak student in past will also be weak in future.

  • The examination fees already paid, needs adjustment. The costs have reduced tremendously and this should be refunded.
    Schools like always are holding on to the fees and not reimbursing parents/students.

  • Honestly saying, we r students not robots who have designed to show same result for the rest of there lives. There are many students who may relax the rest of the year but perform their best in exams.

  • The policy is not clear for privae candidates. They have deferred private candidate entries to oct nov session and are currently not sending in any clear approach to it. Deferrence for private candidates is not justified at all since all school candidates will be moving forward since their teachers have submitted grades. Private candidates will be left alone and universities are not adjusting their entry tests accordingly apparently. Are they going to waste this year of private candidates? Because universities will not be willig to take exam of a person whose A level isnt complete yet. My brother was already on a gap year giving his retake. And now this deferrence policy is taking another year. I dont know what British Council is up to. They could have designed time restricted exams they could be solved online and without the need of opening text books. I know this is against CIE but as the world is making abnormal decisions in this pandemic, CIE could have done so in order to save students’ year. I am highly disappointed in CIE and British Council.

  • Highly disappointed and unjustified decision for private candidates. Sorry but this is not acceptable and they should revise their decision. There are many options if they think and want to treat them equally. As candidates can be simply given passing marks and their A2 result should be considered next year while A2 students should be graded on As result.

  • Some students didn’t get good grades in last year’s exam but this time they worked hard, 25,% weightage in assessment is in the hands of CAIE. If they will grade following performance of last year, it will be a great disappointment for such students

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