Lockdown is Not a Solution for the Coronavirus: Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided against imposing a stricter lockdown, as advised by the health experts, saying that it was not a cure for the coronavirus.

Khan, while speaking to media after a meeting of the National Coordination Committee (NCC), said that lockdown will be detrimental for the already squeezed economy, as well as for marginalized people.


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There are 25 million laborers whose families will starve if they don’t work. Personally, I have always believed that the lockdown was going to affect these workers.

He continued that lockdown only works to control the spread, but so far, results show that it has not worked our way.

The purpose of a lockdown is that it only stops the spread of the virus. It is not a solution. Let me repeat, a lockdown isn’t a solution or treatment.


Punjab Govt Reopens Restaurants and Tourists Destinations

Post Eid Business Hours

Khan also announced revised business hours and lockdown details, as decided by the National Coordination Committee. As per the committee’s decision, all businesses will be allowed to operate five days a week until 7 pm in the evening.

The premier noted that stricter lockdown will be imposed on weekends and no business but groceries, medical stores, and pharmacies will be opened.

Tourism Sector

Khan also called for the tourism sector to be reopened under stern safety guidelines. He also urged people to strictly follow the SOPs to control the spread of the virus. PM Imran hinted at the revival of the tourism sector saying that it is one of the sectors where restrictions could be relaxed.

  • He is Hundred Percent Right. Imran Khan is my Quaid, leader, my honor and my life. His every decision is very calculated and one the best. Even Europe and America are stealing the ideas of Leadership from Imran Khan.
    My friend is American and he was telling me that White-house has a special person who keeps an eye on the statements of Imran Khan and then translate them into English so that American Administration can learn.
    This is the example of the GREAT KHAN and Great Leadership.

    • they have people like that for every country. they wouldn’t be doing their job if they weren’t paying attention to the public statements by other countries’ rulers. they actually go a lot further than that and spy on our cabinet meetings too.

      • But you did not get the point. They are spying on Imran Khan to learn about his Leadership skills and to copy him to get success. Imran’s statement are now shared by Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. If you see the tweets of Musk then he is copying many statements of Khan right now.
        Americans are jealous that Pakistan has now such a great Leader. Imran Khan is like an Open Book of Leadership for them.
        His legacy will be there even when he will be gone. The fact is that Pakistanis don’t deserve a Leader like Khan. They are disrespecting him whereas Europeans and Americans consider Khan as their Leader.

  • covid 19 is the solution to our demographic problems. we should be encouraging people to spread it.

  • Are we good to ignore the fact that this Government sidelined recommendations from the actual experts at the health department in which they recommended 4 week strict lockdown on 15th May and random sampling? This Government is playing with our lives and the lives of our parents. I still can’t believe I was naive enough to vote for a cricketer. Deaths from Hunget=0. Deaths from Covid19=1000+ which are probably under-reported because a lot of people die in their homes and don’t go to hospitals.

    • You are a typical patwari.
      Also What experts you are talking about? Imran Khan has clearly stated that we don’t need a lockdown. I don’t care the opinion of any expert in front of my Leader. Look even Europe and America are opening up, but who gave this idea to the world?. Your bias eyes and ears will stop you from Saying Imran Khan.

      • You don’t trust a gardener to do an electrician’s job. The same way you don’t take recommendations on epidemiology from a cricketer. It’s basic common sense.

        Regarding Europe and the rest, most if not all of those countries waited for their curve to flatten, peaks to pass and testing/medical capacity shored up before totally opening up. We did the opposite.

        I hope you and your parents get out of this safe and sound because this Government has left it to natural selection and survival of the fittest – law of the jungle.

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