PMA Claims Punjab Has Over 20 Million Coronavirus Cases

Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Punjab has said that the government should wake up as the novel coronavirus is going rampant in the country. It is feared that there are at least 3.5 million patients in Lahore and more than 20 million across Punjab, he said

Provincial President of PMA, Masood Al-Sayyed, made these comments while addressing a press conference in Lahore on Sunday. He was flanked by Dr. Kamran Ahmed and other officials and leaders of the Young Doctors Association.

Masood said that if the government tests 10 million people, at least 3.5 million positive corona patients would emerge.


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So far 35 doctors have been martyred. On January 22, we had informed that a pandemic was coming but the government did nothing.

Dr. Masood lamented the government policies saying that the lockdown was opened when it should have been tightened. He demanded that arrangements should be made to quarantine the doctors at a well-equipped place for at least two weeks after one week of duty in the facilities.

He also urged the government to announce a financial package for martyred health professionals, and protective gear should be provided to the doctors.

Dr. Masood suggested that filtration clinics should be set up in the province to isolate patients beforehand and that the doctors should be treated at a separate hospital.


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Secretary PMA Punjab, Dr. Kamran Ahmed, was also very upset at the government’s handling of the pandemic and said:

Regarding the lockdown, all I can say is that we broke the fast in the afternoon.

Dr. Kamran added that we have already suffered a lot due to the decision to easing the COVID-19 restrictions and celebration of Eid. Provincial hospitals are quickly reaching their capacity, and it is feared that after some time, people will have to be treated on the streets.

  • Hun aur karo shopping lol. Anyway, not to panic. The mortality rate of the virus is equivalent to the flu, in fact, it’s lesser than the flu.

    Just take your dose of vit c, vit d and zinc daily – boosts the immune system. Wear a mask, and observe social distancing and you’ll be good to go.

    Don’t panic.

  • These Unions and groups should be disbanded. These groups have no authority to tell the state to do what. These people try to politicize everything. In my opinion such doctors should be fired from job.

    • Agreed. Now-a-days, Doctors are pretending that they are front line but the reality that they are making big money these days, beside this, they have 0 research about this covid, only relying on Chinese research.

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