HEC Responds to Viral Fake Messages About Its Website

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has alerted students and faculty members about false information being circulated by anti-education groups through WhatsApp and social media forums.

Students are advised to verify HEC-related information from its website www.hec.gov.pk.


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HEC has clarified that contrary to some news reports, the HEC website has not been hacked. The fake information consists simply of edited images by some persons pushing anti-education agendas and circulated by them through their WhatsApp and social media links.

These images pretend to be screenshots of the HEC website but are just manipulations of downloaded content from the website. They pertain to a variety of topics, but their common aim is to advocate a lowering of educational standards in Pakistan, e.g., by canceling exams, canceling all educational activities including online education, or disrupting admissions or scholarship processes.

While there have been cyber-attacks on the HEC website, which apparently have originated from servers outside the country, HEC technical teams have been working round the clock to ward off these attacks.


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Students, academic and research community as well as public, availing or inquiring about HEC programs and services, are requested to exercise vigilance and trust no other resource except the HEC website, and authentic social media pages that are linked to it. Should they need any confirmation, it is advised to reach out to the respective focal person of HEC.

All these activities have also been reported to the cybercrime unit of the Federal Investigation Agency.

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    But ,how will the online exams be conducted?
    So much time was wasted due to covid_19 .If we see in last year ,in this time thew new semester was started

  • The HEC wasted a lot of time upto date. Kindly don’t waste time more. And start the universities.

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