VavaCars Is Leveraging Technology to Change How Used Cars Are Sold In Pakistan

As growing inflation and lowering affordability make buying new cars out of question for a vast majority of Pakistanis, used cars continue to be in high demand. But, getting a used car that doesn’t turn out to be a headache and is good value for money can be an extremely daunting task. It’s not uncommon for us to hear stories of how some people get their hands on a car that causes troubles instead of making their lives easier.

The most common ways for sale and purchase of used cars in Pakistan include Friday and Sunday car bazaars, and a couple of online platforms. The problem with car bazaars is that the transaction has to be made then and there which gives the buyer little time to thoroughly test the car. On online platforms, the seller can boast about the car’s condition and features that are untrue or non-existent. This only makes used car trades complicated and full of risks.


VavaCars is aiming to change that. Using technology, the company is setting out to revolutionize the way used cars are sold in Pakistan. Finally, Pakistanis are seeing the creation of a service that allows them to trade cars with confidence. VavaCars is achieving that through a revolutionary mix of digital and physical services that are rooted in transparency, simplicity, and modernity.

Transforming the traditional car trade

VavaCars’ transformative car trading platform is setting out to make the challenges associated with selling your car a thing of the past. It offers a fast, secure, and completely hassle-free three-step process to sell your car.

The first step is free online valuation where the company’s portal gives you a ballpark figure of your car’s worth. The second step involves booking an appointment and visiting the center where the VavaCars experts thoroughly inspect your car in person and give you the exact valuation. In the third and last step, contracts are signed and payments made in a highly secure manner.

VavaCars’ unique car trade model puts the customer in total control of the trade and streamlines the process of selling used cars by always communicating the processes clearly, remaining transparent, providing constant guidance to customers, prioritizing the customer, and personalizing each experience.

Stringent adherence to Covid-19 safety protocols

In all of its Purchase Centers, customer facilitation, comfort, and customer safety – especially amidst the Covid-19 crisis – are made the highest priority. While their cars get inspected and transactions are made, the company makes sure that customers spend time in an environment that follows the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

All of VavaCars purchase centers follow stringent adherence to the Covid-19 safety protocols. The temperature of all incoming customers is taken and if they are found without a mask or gloves, they’re provided with one at the entrance. Moreover, only one customer is allowed in the Purchase Center at a time to ensure the safety of both customers and the VavaCars staff through effective social distancing.

Hand sanitizers are also made available at the entrance which the customers are encouraged to use. The Purchase Center is sterilized regularly with disinfectants; surfaces that are more prone to frequent human touch – e.g. tables, door handles, and chair armrests – are repeatedly cleaned with disinfectants.

The staff too are required to wear masks and gloves all the time, especially while going through the documents, inspecting the car, and dealing with the customer. The Purchase Center Manager (PCM) will present the inspection report on TV to the customer. After inspection, the PCM will disinfect the whole interior of the car.

Token payment will be given in a sealed envelope which would be sanitized beforehand.

Introduction of Mobile Purchase Unit

To ensure end-to-end safety in all car dealings, VavaCars has introduced a state-of-the-art Mobile Purchase Unit that would allow the PCM and inspectors to visit the customer’s residence or office to inspect their cars.

The team would carry all necessary inspection and communication equipment that includes OBD scanner, paint tester, tablets, and mobile internet device. All Covid-19 safety protocols are to be followed during interaction and inspection.

Customers can easily book an appointment for mobile inspection via the website or by calling us on 0304-1110065. The inspection will be free of charge and the PCM will call the customer an hour prior to the appointment time for confirmation.

NOTE: These mobile units are currently available in Karachi’s Defence and Clifton areas only.

Adapting to the changing times

Through a mix of advanced technology and superior customer services, VavaCars is transforming the used car trade landscape in Pakistan. While it brings ease to people’s lives, the company is leaving no stone unturned to ensure the health and safety of all customers and staff, and turn each visit into a pleasant experience.

VavaCars comes from a global group founded over 50 years ago, and focused on the energy sector. Worldwide, the group is invested in over 5,000 fuel stations, five oil refineries, and 18 million cubic meters of storage for petroleum products, as well as other energy infrastructure, including ships. VavaCars is also operational in Turkey.