Federal Colleges Start Online Classes From Today

The colleges under the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) are starting online classes up to the undergraduate level from today (July 7). The decision was welcomed by the students and is surprisingly resented by the teachers who complain of a lack of training for online classes.

The Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mehmood directed the federal directorate to start online classes from July 7 – but none of them had arranged any training sessions for teachers or provided any facility in this regard.


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Teachers Resent the Decision

Several teachers have disliked the idea of online classes citing lack of resources and lack of training in this regard.

A number of them suggested that the FDE should get their lectures recorded rather than pushing them for conducting online classes as they have no previous experience in that.

We have used a whiteboard and a marker to deliver lectures throughout our career. Now, all of a sudden, giving an online lecture sans whiteboard, will be a big challenge.


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Another teacher noted that not all of them have access to a laptop or an uninterrupted, fast internet connection – which is a prerequisite for giving online lectures.

If online classes were to be started, the FDE administration should have arranged for teachers training during these holidays.

A third teacher feared that slow internet connection or repeated power outages might hurt the teaching process during the online classes.

Teachers suggested that their colleges should record their lectures on campus and provide them to students. After watching these lectures, the students could ask questions through WhatsApp, he said.