This Record-Holding 100TB SSD Costs More Than Your Car

Nimbus Data’s (an American computer data storage software, and systems company) ExaDrive range has the world record for the highest capacity SSD storage for two years. The company has been offering 50TB and 100TB models in both SATA and SAS options.

However, the price tags for both models were only recently made public on demand. The 50 TB edition costs $12,500, i.e., $250 per TB while the 100 TB version retails for $40,000, i.e., $400 per TB. On the other hand, Samsung’s 30.72 TB super SSD costs around $8,860, i.e., $288 per TB. Currently, the cheapest SSD with consumer-grade QLC NAND costs under $90 per TB.

Nimbus’ 50 TB and 100 TB drives are available in a sleek 3.5-inch form factor and use enterprise-grade MLC 3D NAND instead of QLC. Hence the available sequential read/write speeds are up to 500/460MB/s, and offer IOPS read/writes up to 114,000/105,000.

The higher price tags are justified since the target audience is enterprises and organizations looking for the highest storage density available on the market. To make the products more functional, the ExaDrive range offers a five-year warranty, five years of unlimited drive writes per day, and a mean time between failures of 2.5 million hours.

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