Monsoon Rains Have Ended in Karachi: PMD

The Meteorological Department has said that the system that caused the monsoon rains in Karachi is over, and there is no possibility of more heavy rains in the city.

According to the Met Office, the monsoon rain system shifted to Pasni and Gwadar on Thursday afternoon and ended at sea. There is no possibility of further heavy rains with thunderstorms in Karachi.

However, due to the effects of the monsoon series, drizzle and showers are likely in some places on Friday, while sea breezes are also expected to fully recover.

The Met Office said that the city felt severe heat on Thursday, mainly due to the absence of sea breezes. The weather felt several degrees higher than the actual temperature. However, breezes are expected to restore on Friday.


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On Thursday, the minimum temperature in the city was recorded at 26 degrees Celsius, down 4 degrees from the previous day. The humidity was recorded at 82 percent in the morning and 64 percent in the evening.

According to Chief Meteorologist Karachi Sardar Sarfraz, the next monsoon system in the city is expected between July 18 and 20. From today, the sea-affected winds are likely to be fully restored.

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