Racist British Media & PHE UK Manipulated Data on COVID-19 to Malign Pakistan

Public Health England (PHE) had issued manipulated data on UK’s imported COVID-19 cases which led to the publication of numerous racist stories in right-wing British tabloids against Pakistan.

Based on this data, The Sun, The Daily Mail, and The Telegraph last month had published articles that claimed that Pakistan is responsible for UK 50% imported Coronavirus cases.


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However, it has been revealed that the officials at the government-funded PHE colluded with The Telegraph and released details of travelers coming from Pakistan only. In fact, PHE didn’t even collect details of travelers coming to the UK from India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

According to the details of chartered flights coming to the UK, more than 220,000 people from India landed in Britain until 4 June, the day PHE issued the details of Pakistani travelers. In contrast, just 50,000 Pakistanis reached the UK until 4 June.

Although only 30 Pakistani travelers out of the 50,000 had tested positive after landing in the UK, the British media deliberately omitted this minor yet important figure in their articles. It is believed that the number of Indian travelers testing positive for COVID-19 after coming to the UK is much higher than that of Pakistani travelers.


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When asked about the official statistics of imported COVID-19 cases from India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, PHE’s Press Officer (PO) issued the following statement.

Apologies but this data isn’t available at the moment. We are looking to publish it in the future.

The misleading stories by right-wing resulted in an increase in racist and Islamophobic attacks against Pakistani Muslims.

Rather than taking down the entire stories, all British tabloids have just changed the headlines of the stories which targeted Pakistan following the revelation.