Internet and TV Services Suspended in Karachi as Protest

Pakistan Telecommunications Access Providers Association has announced to suspend cable and internet services in Karachi for two hours from 7 pm to 9 pm today due to K-Electric negative attitude.

K-Electric had started dismantling the TV and internet connections saying that the electricity in such cables is dangerous for public safety, without knowing the fact that internet and TV cable doesn’t pass any electric current.

An internet service provider in Karachi confirmed ProPakistani of the development and said that a utility company operating in Karachi has undertaken a highly irresponsible and disruptive step of cutting, aerial drop cables of various fiber broadband providers deliberately.

“This activity carried out without any prior intimation is posing a serious challenge for all broadband and cable tv providers across the city in delivering quality connectivity to customers”, said the official of an ISP who wanted to remain unnamed.

“Fiber cables, which conduct no electrical current are being wrongly blamed for causing electrocution, which is farthest from the truth”, he added.

As a protest PTAPA decided to suspend all telecom services in the mega city while keeping operational only voice services to keep up with any emergency situations.

Decision for suspension of services was taken after all telecom operators had conducted an online meeting on 11th July, 2020 on Cable Operators request to suspend Internet services including TV services for consumers in all areas of the Karachi, as all Cable Operators are suspending Cable TV services due to K-Electric negative attitude and cutting Optical Fiber cables day by day.

PTAPA members have discussed the matter in meeting and agreed to suspend Internet services including TV Services for consumers as a token boycott from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm in all areas of the Karachi.

Below services are suspended in the city:

  • Double play through FTTH( TV and Internet)
  • Single or Double play through FTTN or DSCP.
  • FTTH or FTTN or DSCPN directly or through wholesale or partner or dark cores providing to service providers to consumers.

Telecom operators said they will need reasonable amount of time to streamline aerial network or migrate their networks to alternate channels.

    • is mein politics lany ki kia zarorat hai mery bhai?

      K electric is a private company and reports directly to National Grid which is under the Imran Khans Minister of Power and Water.

      fix the issues within ourselves and then blame others.

      • karachi is not included in national grid it was separated long time ago by you know mr 10% and his goverment of angels and even though k electric is a private company you know who hold most of the shares mr 10%’s friend

  • I feel we have only heard one side of the story and are not aware of the full official story. If KE wanted to do this then they would have done it last year when many people were killed in the monsoon rains. But one thing is certain, the weight of the cables seems to be too much for the posts/ polls to handle. Even on recent rains alot of the posts/polls fell down due to heavy weights of cables. We need Nepra and PTA to come up with a solution for these issues.

  • The issue is between KE and Cable Operators it has nothing to do with consumers who were made hostage of this fight. Will Cable operators pay us consumers for not providing service while charging us? PTA must look into this high handiness of public by cable operators. Cable operators must be fined for outage.

  • ISPs should provide discount to customers in monthly bills against unavailability of services for 2 peak hours every day till this is resolved and/or services are restored to 24/7.

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