Pak-Suzuki Offers a Discount of Over Rs. 170,000 On Its Automatic Car Variants

Pak-Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) has just announced through their social media, that they shall be offering major incentives to those who opt for their cars that feature Suzuki’s Auto Gear Shift (AGS) technology.

As per PSMC, the buyers of the AGS cars shall be able to save up to Rs. 172,717 on their purchase. Here’s how the savings have been broken down by PSMC:

Particulars Savings (PKR)
1 Year Free Maintenance 24,609/-
Free Registration 21,000/-
Markup 67,920/-
Insurance 67,095/-

The AGS is Suzuki’s new Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) technology that is developed by the company itself and is found in most of Suzuki’s small cars such as the Alto, WagonR and the Cultus. These gearboxes are light in weight, reliable and are relatively cost-efficient as compared to other automatic gearboxes such as CVT or DCT or a conventional automatic gearbox.

These gearboxes are usually fitted to smaller economy cars because they are cheap to build, easy to maintain and are quite reliable. However, they are a bit slow to respond and do not perform as well as some other automatic transmissions, hence their compatibility with the smaller cars only.

Still, it bears mentioning that they are sufficient for a car such as a WagonR or an Alto, since both of the said cars are intercity rides that rarely go on high-speed highways of do cross country trips from Gwadar to Himalayas. And even if they do, these AGS cars hold up quite well.

The offer is made available for the WagonR VXL, WagonR AGS and the all-new Alto 660 AGS. For more details, visit

  • Two things: proof read your articles and let me guess, they are not providing tyres for the discount and the prices of each tyre is a million.

  • banks and insurance companies will be bearing most of the mark-up and insurance discounts . . PS has nothing to offer!
    why dont you reduce the prices by 2Lac?

  • This discount is only available to customers intending to get the car financed through bank. Instead of misleading customers, you should have drawn a clearer picture. I was just about to get into fight with a Paksuzuki guy because I was so sure that ProPK wont decieve their followers.


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