Cable Operators Take Back Call to Suspend Internet and TV Services

Pakistan Cable Operators Association (PCAO) has taken back its decision to suspend internet and TV services after resolving its dispute with K-Electric in a meeting presided by Commissioner Karachi, Iftikhar Shallwani.

On Tuesday, PCAO had suspended the internet and TV services in Karachi from 7pm to 9pm as a protest against K-Electric after the latter destroyed the former’s infrastructure on the pretense that the electricity in TV and internet cables is dangerous for public safety. Yesterday, PCAO expanded the coverage of its protest against K-Electric and suspended its services in Sukkur and Hyderabad along with Karachi from 7pm to 10pm.


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During the meeting, K-Electric’s Chief Distributing Officer, Amir Zia, blamed PCAO for the deaths from electrocution during the recent spell of Monsoon rainfall.

Chairman PCAO, Khalid Arain, denied the allegation and argued that fiber optic cables do not carry any current. Instead, K-Electric should be held accountable for the electrocutions as their poles are not earthed properly, Arain suggested.

However, both stakeholders resolved their dispute and decided to cooperate with each other to ensure citizens of Karachi are provided with uninterrupted electricity and TV and internet services.


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Meanwhile, Commissioner Karachi has formed a committee headed by Deputy Commissioner South, Irshad Ali, to oversee the process of laying underground internet and TV cables in the future. Representatives of both PCAO and K-Electric will be a part of the committee to ensure no dispute arises in the future.

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