PM’s Finance Advisor Removed From National Finance Commission

The federal government has removed the prime minister’s adviser on finance, Abdul Hafeez Sheikh from the National Finance Commission.

According to details, the Government of Pakistan has withdrawn its previous notification and has issued a new one.

The new notification on the establishment of NFC has been submitted in the Islamabad High Court (IHC) by the attorney general, which can be seen below.



The notification appointing him to the commission, which had been challenged in court, has now been withdrawn, Attorney-General Khalid Jawed Khan said.

Earlier on May 19, 2020, PML-N had challenged the formation of the 10th National Finance Commission in the Islamabad High Court.

The petition stated that the responsibility of equitable distribution of financial resources between the federation and provinces lies with the NFC. According to the Finance Division notification, the President of Pakistan constituted an 11-member commission on April 23.

The plea stated that the finance adviser was given the authority to chair meetings in the absence of the finance minister but according to the law, in the absence of the Finance Minister, NFC’s actions would be unconstitutional and without effect.

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