Here is How Sharif Brothers Allegedly Made Billions Through Corruption With IPPs

Renowned news anchor Imran Khan Riaz has unearthed the massive corruption of Independent Power Producers (IPPs) in collaboration with the previous government.

In a detailed YouTube video, Imran Khan has revealed how the wind power projects were established at more than double the actual cost.

According to him, as many, as 30 wind power plants were set up during the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) tenure with each power plant costing up to $130 million for 50-megawatt capacity.

For reasons unknown, the government signed an agreement with them for an upfront tariff and bought expensive electricity (for as much as 13 cents per unit).

Only 25 percent of the total cost was paid by the private contractor while the rest of the amount was given by local banks and the Asian Development Bank on the government of Pakistan’s sovereign guarantee.

The irony is that these power projects were approved with an efficiency of just over 30 percent, which is way below global standards.

Wind Power Plants by PTI Govt

During a recent meeting, Prime Minister Imran Khan approved the establishment of more wind power plants as they are relatively cheaper to set up and start producing electricity sooner than other means. The Power Division informed him that they have ten more applications pending since the PML-N tenure.

All ten companies were granted to set up Wind Power Plants at various locations. These plants, with the same generation capacity and 7 percent more efficiency, are being established at half the cost of the previous 30 plants, at $60 million.

    • I agree k sharif brothers ne bht ziada corruption ki hai lekin usman buzdar ki corruption pe sab q khamosh hain?
      Issi youtube channel pe 5 videos hain jin mei detail mei explain kiya huwa hai k usman buzdar ne kis tarah corruption ki pichle 2 saalon mei. Agar itni himmat hai propk mei tou wo video bhi lagayen na zara.

  • I am still a PTI supporter but this is pure hypocrisy by ProPK because this youtube channel also released 5 videos on how usman buzdar did corruption in the past two years, but no media channel is showing that.

    • Admit, that corruption is being followed in every tenure, not just PTI’s time, ring road hadn’t being built since Musharraf’s era and in mean time every government supported Bahria Town’s illegal acquisition, where most of it was in PML(N) era, doesn’t seems you have watched videos fully.

      • I know that most of the corruption was done in PMLN era but this is the same as saying “khata hai tou lagata bhi tou hai”. We are not talking about who did more corruption, why is corruption being done by this govt in the first place? Imran khan promised to put an end to corruption but he has failed. I know that corruption has declined a bit but it still exists.
        I hope that one day corruption will be eliminated in pakistan

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