Broadsheet Threatens to Seize Pakistan Cricket Team’s Assets During England Tour

In a surprising development, Broadsheet LLC has threatened to seize assets of the Pakistan cricket team in the UK, following non-payment from the state of Pakistan and the National Accountability Bureau (NAB). The company deems the cricket team the country’s asset and has threatened to enforce the warning if the defendants don’t respond.

According to the details, Broadsheet LLC won an arbitration case against Pakistan and NAB, which owe the company a sum of $33 million. The company has already sought court orders instructing professional bailiffs ‘to seize the assets of the Pakistani cricket team’.


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Their action that is set to commence in two days can make it an embarrassing tour for Pakistan as they are next to play a 3-match Test series followed by a T20I series. The reason behind this, as per their letter sent to Islamabad’s counsel, Allen & Overy, Broadsheet has said that not only the losing party has failed to award the money, they have also refused to respond to their messages.

The Pakistan cricket team is currently in the UK preparing for a Test series against England. We consider that the team is, by the very nature, an asset of the defendant and that monies due to the team and assets of the team are assets of the defendant to the litigation.

The other assets Broadsheet LLC has been considering to seize are Roosevelt Hotel in New York, Avenfield apartments, and Pakistan High Commission building and high commissioner’s house in London.


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Pakistan lost the case in July last year after the London High Court dismissed NAB’s plea to review the award decision. NAB had hired Broadsheet LLC in former President, Pervez Musharraf’s tenure to investigate hidden assets of 150 Pakistanis abroad including the Sharif family. NAB later terminated the agreement in 2003 and thus owed damages to the company.

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  • For anyone wondering how bailiffs in UK enforce the high court writ of seizing goods if the debt is not paid, you should watch a TV series based on exactly this. It’s very aptly named “Can’t pay We’ll take it away” quite a few of the episodes are available on YouTube and it’s real entertaining and addictive. Plus it’ll also give you an idea of what will happen to our touring team if they do enforce it whilst they are in UK. I would be quite embarrassing

  • This is how the government revenues are wasted. Is there any body who ask NAB why they terminated the agreement in 2003 and who were the people who got benefited from this termination. I wish they should Broadsheet LLC seize Pakistan cricket team along with Roosevelt Hotel in New York, Avenfield apartments, and Pakistan High Commission building and high commissioner’s house in London

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