PM Imran Khan Unveils First Ever Political Map of Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved the first political map of the country, which includes Indian Occupied Kashmir as part of Pakistan. Besides Kashmir and Ladakh, the erstwhile state of Junagadh in Indian Gujarat is also shown as part of Pakistan in the new political map.

While addressing the nation on state television, the premier said that for the first time a political map of the country is being released which reflects the aspirations of the Pakistani and Kashmiri people and the Kashmiri leadership.


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PM Khan announced that from today onwards, the new map will be used everywhere, including in the curricula of educational institutions across the country.


Prime Minister said that the historic move confirms India’s move in Kashmir on August 5 as illegal. He said that the map has the backing of Pakistani political parties and the Kashmiri leadership and has been approved by the federal cabinet.


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Earlier, the country’s first political map was presented before the federal cabinet and was unanimously approved.

  • The greatest leader to ever come in Pakistan. Imran Khan I can sacrifice my life and the life of my children under your one order.

  • Only Imran Khan has the guts to show Indians their real face and to dictate terms to them. Never in the history of Pakistan, any leader had the courage to call Jammu and Kashmir as Indian Occupied Kashmir…..weldone Imran Khan.

  • It’s good but I don’t really see any benefit in it unless the UN accepts it. The rest of the world still uses the map where occupied Kashmir is always shown as a part of India.

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